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BeeFM – Indiescovered 2013

It’s true. Right now is one of the best times to be an indie artist!

Social media, accessibility to home recording equipment, and a variety of distribution means have allowed independent artists to achieve what was a pipe dream less than a decade ago. In fact, aside from distribution, there’s really isn’t much a record label can offer that an ambitious band with a little business savvy can’t accomplish on their own.

Indie artists are able to release the music they want, how they want to, without the interference of playing a numbers game with a label.

As you can imagine, this has resulted in an influx of new sounds, styles, genres, and artists that you’ve probably never even heard of. For those interested in music discovery, this can be incredibly exciting challenge to take on. For those who don’t even know where to start, this can be a daunting task.

ENTER: BeeFM – Indiescovered 2013

BeeFM has taken the liberty to provide a collection of some incredible talent from around the world whose genres range from rock, jazz, soul, folk, and even a hint of country. This compilation is truly an appetizer for your ears to feast upon.

When I initially started this review, I had intended on writing this review based purely upon listening to the audio. It was a valiant attempt; however, my interest peaked after listening to only a few of the artists and needed to know more. How had I not heard of these incredible musicians?

It was like a second birthday, or Christmas in September, or just plain badassery!

Click here to get all details about the BeeFM crowdfund campaign and BeeFM Indiescovered 2013 CD

Listeners are welcomed to Indiescovered 2013 with the synth-pop track “Rising Sun” by UK powerhouse Clockwork Orange. The groove is undeniable. Vocals are spot on. I was surprised to learn about the influences of this band. There are obvious influences from progressive and electronic music, but I had not idea that industrial would end up on their list. Impressive.

If punk rock is your more your flavor check out “declaration” by Shambolic. Another UK band, the hook in this track is infectious! The sound could best be described as the sex pistols with a more digestible edge. Go ahead, put on those Chuck Taylors, raise your middle finger to “the man”, and skank the night away (wait… does anyone still skank?).

“The Motion” by Nevergreen was a track that immediately grabbed my attention. Sara Pass’ vocals are high brow enough for jazz aficionados, but can rock out with the best of ’em. The syncopated rhythm of the chorus is accentuated by what the band is not playing. Proof that dynamics, not screaming nor distortion laden guitars, can make a song heavy.

Click here to get all details about the BeeFM crowdfund campaign and BeeFM Indiescovered 2013 CD

“Rain” by Mize and the Drive resonated with the Eddie Vedder and Roger Waters fan within me. Yes, I’m aware it’s an interesting combo, but hey, it works. The use of the saxophone was a great choice to add texture to the atmospheric sound. Kudos to these guys!

One challenge any compilation must tackle is the arrangement of songs. There must be a conscious effort to create peaks and valleys, drawing a listener in. The order of tracks can have a substantial effect on the overall listening experience. Indiescovered 2013 doesn’t disappoint; The Boondock Hippy brings a little twang to the mix with “I’ll Rest When I’m Dead”, it’s a nice counterpoint to the other genres. The male/female vocals were definitely refreshing to hear.

1… 2… 3… 4… Secret attack!

This track by JoeJoe Keys was another highlight for me. This jam does nothing but groove in the pocket. It’s funky fresh and I found myself singing the hook several hours after the song was over: secret attack… secret attack…

Experience indie music at its finest from cover to cover. Kick back and press play on your favorite media device. You’ve been warned though, you may have just found your new favorite indie artists.

Interested in purchasing the CD?

Support BeeFM’s Indiegogo campaign and quest for world domination: http://igg.me/at/beefm/x/713480


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