Songwriting mindmap

There’s nothing worse than writers block.  It can be downright maddening.  Hours spend writing… and rewriting… and rewriting… feeling like you’re on the cusp of something great that is just inches away.

I ran across a blog at that I found quite helpful.  Like many people, I am a visual learner and diagrams help me immensely.  So, I took the information and made a mind map!

This mind map is a series of prompts to assist you in focusing on the core ideas you want to write/sing about.  For each major prompt (blue) there are a series of subtopics you can write about.  With the exception of the sensory description – which should create a mental image, not simply describe – each prompt should be limited to ONE subtopic.

I was amazed at how much mapping helped with lyrics I was desperately struggling through.  Hope you can take something from this as well!

Songwriting mind map


Wireframe – Over Me

When I initially wrote this song I was describing the an intense adoration for someone.  Something like a tidal wave, powerful and uncontrollable that sweeps one away.  Sadly, this song took on an entirely new direction while I was recording this song.  Not more than a few hours into recording, I received news that my grandfather passed away.  He lived a modest life and put his family first.  The news was crushing.  In spite of the fact that death is a part of life, the process of loosing someone close to you is never easy.

This is one of my favorite songs on Wireframe’s album “Phases”, bittersweet as it may be.

Phases (2010)

Wireframe – Over Me

Swept away in the flood

You came rushing up taking all of me

Through the endless blue

Blindsided and hopelessly surrendering

You crash down in waves over me

Flowing over the edge

I watched these changing phases

When you come and go with the ebb and flow

Reflections of the ageless

Stepping though, into the other side

We’re making memories tonight

You crash down in waves over me

(can you see what you do to me?)