The Dear Hunter – The Color Spectrum (Complete Collection)

The Dear Hunter – The Color Spectrum

The Dear Hunter is the brain child of Casey Crescenzo, formerly of the Boston-based emo act The Receiving End of Sirens. While Crescenzo had initially started this project as a creative outlet for songs that didn’t fit the conventional mold of an emo band, the project grew into something bigger than Crescenzo anticipated.

However, it wasn’t until 2010 that Crescenzo took a break from the 6 part story line to work on a concept album entitled: the Color Spectrum. Comprised of nine EP’s (36 songs), each color of the ROYGBIV spectrum is interpreted by means of musical expression. Taking on this challenge must have been a daunting task.

Simply stated, The Dear Hunter nails it!

The Color Spectrum (the complete collection) is a truly unique album is that it appeals to such a wide range of audiences. By digging deeper than cliché interpretations of color “blue” is not just sad and “green” is not simply the color of jealousy.

While, texturally, the collection of songs on the black EP is enveloping and brooding they verge industrial electronica. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. One gets a sense of power and presence from these tracks. Moving onward to the red EP, the aesthetics become more intense, edgy, and passionate before warming up to the indie-rock sound of the orange EP. By the time listeners get to the yellow album, you can almost feel a warming glow of radiance from your headphones. There is also a counter point of desire and youthful infatuation.

Crescenzo further displays his depth of skill by shifting the stylistic approach from folk-inspired songs on the green EP to a 1950-esque Buddy Holly timbre (Tripping In Triplets) before diving into complete ambience on the indigo and violet songs. Finally, there is a sense of weightlessness, reverence, and melodic luminosity in the white EP before completing the nearly 2.4 hour journey.

Refreshingly enough, many of the B-sides on the complete collection could stand alone as singles unto themselves.

Recommended tracks:
Filth and Squalor (Black) – Click to listen
We’ve Got A Score To Settle (Red) – Click to listen
Misplaced Devotion (Yellow) – Click to listen
The Inheritance (Green) – Click to listen
Tripping In Triplets (Blue) – Click to listen
Lillian (Violet) – Click to listen

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